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Who We Are
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The Telfer Capital Fund is the practical component of the Capital Markets Program (CMP), organized and implemented by the Telfer Career Centre. This is a development program for high‑performing Telfer students looking to learn more about the world of high finance and capital markets. Students actively allocate fund money via their own investment decisions while simultaneously advancing their knowledge.

Our 3 objectives are as follows:


Ensuring that there is a culture where everyone feels like they're in a well-functioning team


Improving the skills of each of our members to set them up for their version of success 


Maintaining alumni relations and expanding the Telfer presence globally

Investment Philosophy

We are a value-oriented bottom fund that solely invests in North American equities. TCF make things simple by investing in what we know and what we're comfortable with. Our goal is to beat the market net of fees by finding companies that have but are not limited to the following characteristics:

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Effective Capital Allocation

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Durable Competitive Advantage

The fund utilizes two main valuation techniques to derive an intrinsic value of a company which mainly include discounted cash flow analysis and relative valuation.

It is important to look for how management allocates resources to ensure their business optimizes its efficiencies and profit maximization, which flow down to its bottom line. 

One valuable trait to look for is whether a company can sustain its profits for the long-term by keeping the competition out through a variety of techniques and moats.

Fund History Timeline

The Capital Markets Mentorship Program (CMMP) was launched by the Career Centre Program in September

The Telfer Capital Fund officially launched successfully in September with $60K in seed capital 





A terms of reference and program outline was drafted in the fall after collaboration from numerous stakeholders to meet the high student demand of having a student managed investment fund

CMMP and TCF were combined into one program and managed by the Career Centre, supplemented with a donation from the school surmounting to ~$300K in AUM

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